Jiuh Ching Industries Co., Ltd.--Precision parts for automation equipment

Precision parts for automation equipment made by Jiuh Ching.

Jiuh Ching Industries Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is one of Taiwan's most professional manufacturers of parts and components for the automation equipment used in machinery, automobile, hardware and electronics industries.

The company says its products are developed to help customers boost their production automation. Company president Shiu Tie-lung says he has accumulated over two decades of manufacturing experience in this field, capable of developing sophisticated parts and components to increase the automation of any machinery and production equipment.

Jiuh Ching, based in Tainan City of southern Taiwan, currently has an annual production capacity of one million parts. It has established an in-house research and development department responsible for designing and producing reliable products to meet customers' special requirements.

The company has installed a spate of automated production equipment in-house to secure consistent product quality. “The adoption of automated production equipment has helped us boost production efficiency to meet the requirements for fast delivery,” Shiu says.

Jiuh Ching has expertise in developing sophisticated parts and components for hardware, automobile and motorcycle industries. The company can help customers develop any sophisticated parts soon after receiving their drawings or samples.

At present, the company's product range can be roughly divided into four categories, including auto lighting accessories, auto parts, hardware and metal products on OEM/ODM (original equipment/design manufacturer) basis, and pneumatic machinery parts. The category of auto parts include water supply fittings, lathe-processed products, lock cylinders, automobile radiator fitting refrigerant fix plates, fittings for cellular phone stations, automobile fast fittings, and electronic connectors.

Jiuh Ching has exported products to the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Southeast Asia nations. Over the past one year, the company has seen substantial growth in orders from the U.S. and Japan. (BS)

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